Menudo: Where Are They Now?

Menudo was the Puerto Rican boy band that rocked the world in the 1970s and beyond. The band released its first album in 1977 and was responsible for catapulting Ricky Martin and Draco Rosa into the spotlight. The group lost a lot of members through the years but also added a lot, giving us even more talent to swoon over. The group rendered hits like "Hold Me" and "Bésame" throughout its 22 years together. Keep reading to see what happened to all of the guys who belong to the original Latino boy band.


From left to right:

  • Ricky Martin: The star left Menudo after five years and went on to become a pop star. He released the cult classic "Livin' La Vida Loca" and has continued to kick butt in the entertainment world.
  • Rubén Gómez: He was in the band for four years and was eventually replaced by Jonathan Montenegro. After leaving Menudo, he studied acting and appeared on Broadway in Oliver. Since then, he has remained under the radar.
  • Sergio Blass: Sergio was in the band for five years and then left to become a solo artist. He released three albums on his own and is now part of a metal band called Blass.
  • Robert Avellanet: Robert was in the band for about three years and left to pursue his own music career. After doing that for a while, he became a well-known telenovela star.
  • Angelo Garcia: After almost three years, Angelo left the band to become a solo artist. He released several albums including his latest, Scandalous, which came out in 2012.
Getty | Bolivar Arellano

From left to right, top row:

  • Sergio (Gonzalez) Blass : Blass joined Menudo in the middle of its golden era but was forced to leave after two years due to a growth spurt. He went on to join former Menudo members Rene Farrait and Johnny Lozada in another band called Proyecto M.
  • Raymond Acevedo: Raymond joined the band in 1985 and left after three years. He went on to act and dive into his passion for visual art.
  • Robi "Draco" Rosa: Draco sang lead on one of Menudo's biggest English singles, "Hold Me," but decided to leave after three years. He moved to Brazil, where he released two albums. He won a Grammy in 2014 for Best Latin Pop Album and has three Latin Grammys. He is best friends with Ricky.
  • Ricky Martin

Bottom row:

  • Charlie Masso: Charlie left the group in 1987. He was the last member of the golden era to leave the group. He moved to Mexico and was in a few soap operas.

From left to right:

  • Carlos Emmanuel Olivero: He is know known as Carlito Olivero. He was part of the boy band for two years. He has continued to try to make it in the music industry. In 2013, he auditioned for The X Factor and came in third place.
  • José Antonio Montañez: The Puerto Rican was also in the band for two years as part of the show Making Menudo. He left to pursue other music interests and has been a part of the band Grupo Treo since 2015.
  • Emmanuel Jose Vélez Pagán: He was part of Menudo for two years, and after the band broke up, he has stayed under the radar.
  • Christopher Nelson Moy: After leaving Menudo, in 2009, he joined the band One Call, but that broke up after two years in 2011. Since then, he has stayed under the radar.
  • José Bordonada Collazo: José also joined Christopher in One Call after the two left the band in 2009. Since then, he has stayed under the radar.