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Multitasking Abuela-Approved Newborn Products

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Alongside Target®, we're tapping into the emotional connection with our abuelas to help new mamás navigate life with a newborn — and beyond!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it's true. When I was preparing to have my first baby, I leaned on mi mami (and mi abuelita!) more than ever. I wanted to know everything, but at top of mind was: what do I need to have on hand once this bebecito is home? Sure, I knew the basics — diapers, wipes, formula — but beyond that, what were the smartest things to spend on?

Especially now, when we find ourselves in the middle of the pandemic and needing to stick to a budget as much as possible, this is certainly what's at the front of my mind — and likely the minds of many new mams. And while abuela holds the key to this knowledge, Target makes it super easy to get everything you need without having to sacrifice your options due to financial concerns. So, we rounded up five multitasking products that will keep you on budget, and surely be abuela-approved.