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Natural Latinamerican Remedies for Bug Bites

A Plant Whisperer Shares the Best Traditional Latin American Remedies For Bug Bites

Natural Latinamerican Remedies for Bug Bites

Did you know the use of insect repellents is ancient? There are a million and one natural remedies and unguents to help deal with this pesky problem. We spoke to Costa Rican herbalist and founder of botanical Brooklyn-based beauty brand Anima Mundi, Adriana Ayales, on some of her recommended tips and remedies for preventing bug bites and healing the ones you already got.

"I've been involved in the worlds of curanderismo from a very young age. My grandmother taught me the way as we would sit in deep meditations and she guided me into the worlds of spirit," she told POPSUGAR. Growing up in the rainforest, and inspired by her grandma, she found her own path and started working closely with the secrets of nature she introduced her to. The author of Healing Tonics: Next-Level Juices, Smoothies, and Elixirs for Health and Wellness has also worked with Amazonian medicines, sourcing from Indigenous communities in Brazil and Peru. "I've learned with incredible curanderos and curanderas that come from long and extensive healing traditions involving master plants that have been used for millennia."

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