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Protecting Your Family in the New Normal With Clorox

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In the past few months, we've all had to adapt our lives to the world's current state. For those who could, working from home became a new normal, homeschooling tus hijos turned into a new responsibility, and having the whole family under one roof 24/7 was inevitable.

For mamás like Glency, Carolina, and Maggie, this new scenario also meant readjusting the routines they had in place in order to be a support system for their kids. This included helping them transition to everyday life at home, discovering ways to work around each other, and finding joy in las pequeñas cosas and being en familia.

Most importantly, these mamás sought out to create a safe space for the whole family. Un lugar where everyone could feel comfortable and protected. In order to do that, the most important thing was to make sure the areas where they gathered the most were clean and disinfected by using Clorox products.

The laundry that piled up, the dishes in the sink, and even the dirt dragged in from the backyard were no longer an issue, and it helped give Glency, Carolina, and Maggie a little peace of mind during these trying times.

We've partnered with Clorox to help keep you and your family safe and protected in a clean and germ-free home during these unprecedented times.

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