Ricky Martin Found a Perfect Way to Help the Global Situation From Home

Ricky Martin is taking this time during the coronavirus outbreak to be proactive. The singer is using his platform to invite everyone to donate whatever they can to make sure our healthcare professionals are getting the personal protective equipment (PPE) they require to be safe while they save lives. Ricky posted a video message on his Instagram account acknowledging that a lot of his fans have written to him asking how to help.

That's why he teamed up with fundraising platform Charity Stars to raise money that will go straight to Project Hope, the only international organization that has had a response team in China throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. It not only delivered the required PPE to medical workers but was also able to provide medical equipment such as ventilators, air compressors, and disinfection machines.

Project Hope has worked in China for over 40 years, and since China produces 60 percent of the world's PPE, Project Hope knows how to identify, procure, and export the equipment immediately as needed, which it will be doing to aid the US and the rest of the world. "I've created a very beautiful alliance with Project Hope and Charity Stars," Ricky said in his video, "and Project Hope will be sending all this equipment to doctors all over the world."

"They need us. They save our lives, and we need to save theirs. Our luck depends on them, their luck depends on us," Ricky concluded, before inviting people to share the video and get the word out. He asked his followers to use the hashtags #HelpFromHome and #AyudoDesdeCasa and to donate at charitystars.org/helpfromhome. He also tagged his celebrity friends such as America Ferrera, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Eva Longoria, Gina Rodriguez, and more to join the cause and donate.

"I will be letting you know what we are doing with your money. Our healthcare professionals will be very happy and grateful. I know for sure," he said.