Use This Blow-Dry Brush to Channel Your Inner '90s Latina Icon

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When we think of Latina celebrities from the '90s, the first image that comes to mind is their big, bouncy, voluminous hair. The bigger, the better seems to have been the mane mentality — as were bold brows and lip liner, but that's another story. With the resurgence of all things appreciative of the era, big hair shouldn't stay behind. And if you're wondering how to achieve the look, the T3 AireBrush Duo Blow Dry Brush ($180) will help you nail it with ease.

This styling tool is everything you need to go from liso y lacio strands to smooth and bouncy thanks to an interchangeable brush design. Depending on your mood, one easy swap is all it takes for a good hair day that's free of flyaways and frizz. It's conveniently made to be lightweight (because holding up your arm for a while can be exhausting), but the EvenStream Vents provide even, consistent airflow, which results in much faster styling.

Image Source: ULTA Beauty

It has five heat settings, making it adaptable for every hair type and texture, and three speed settings for optimal styling control. You can also count on a volume-booster switch that boosts texture and volume (go big or go home, right?) and a CeraGloss ceramic surface for suave, shiny results. Oh! And there's even a smart microchip that minimizes heat fluctuation for precise temperature control.

How It Works

Getting the perfect blowout feels like a breeze with the T3 AireBrush. Before any styling, be sure to apply your favorite heat protectant, as this will help to further prevent any damage.

Once your hair is about 80 percent dry, choose between the round (best for bold, voluminous hair) or paddle (best for straight styles) brush and work from roots to ends.

First, you'll want the top part of your hair out of the way and secured with a section clip. Next, gather the bottom half of your hair into one- or two-inch sections, and brush from top to bottom. You'll want to repeat this step until your hair is completely dried and styled to your liking. Once your hair is completely styled, set it with the lock-in cool shot.

Now that you know how to attain celeb-worthy hairstyles, you can re-create some of your favorites at home to reveal your inner [insert Latina celeb name here].