You Can Pick Up a Few Decorating Tips From Sofia Vergara's Instagram

Instagram | sofiavergara

Of course we look at Sofia Vergara's Instagram feed to get a peek at what she's wearing or what husband Joe Manganiello is doing, but in our close admiration of her Instagram photos, we've discovered something else: Sofia has a knack for home decor.

The Modern Family actress knows how to expertly decorate a table for a dinner party, choose the right patio furniture, perk up her home with a simple floral touch, and even appreciate a good mason jar. Straight ahead you'll find just a few tips we've picked up from Sofia's home photos — they are all easy to apply and can truly transform your home.


Flowers Perk Up Any Room

Even more so when in large quantities and an oversize vase.


Choose a Color Theme

Gold and red are the perfect fit for Sofia's holiday spread. When investing in dishes and serving platters, keep the color palette coherent.


Have a Place For Everything

A fruit vase for bananas, a cake stand for cake, and a cookie jar for cookies — your counter will look so clean.


Keep Using Mason Jars

No one is over them yet — and probably never will be.


Oversize Outdoor Umbrellas Look Incredible

Just make sure the stand is hefty enough to avoid any tipping accidents on windy days.


Consider Accent Dining Chairs

Make the two chairs at the head of your dining table different than the rest for a special touch.


Don't Be Afraid of Patterned Plates

Have fun with your dishes. Not all of them have to be plain and white.


Buy Colored Glassware

Green glasses might seem like a bad idea at the store, but color in your glassware adds a lot to an outdoor table setting.


Invest in the Right Accessories

There are certain serving dishes that are extras, and some that are necessities. If you often serve cheese, invest in a great cheese platter already.


Use Organizers as Decoration

A tier shelf can add to your bathroom instead of just serving as extra storage.


Tiki Torches Can Be Beautiful

If you don't like classic tiki torches, just know there are out-of-the-ordinary designs out there.


Books Make Great Decorating Surfaces

Don't be afraid to use coffee-table books as surfaces instead of centerpieces.