Need Inspiration For Your Baby Name? These Latinx Celebs Give You 47 Solid Options

Having a baby is a blessing. You'll have an incredible little human who will teach you so many things, but you'll also get to teach them everything to prepare them to go about life. The first very important thing you'll impart on them? Their name! If you're thinking of expanding your family, or are about to become a new parent, there are some great baby name ideas that come straight from Latinx celebrities.

We've put together a list of some of the Spanish celeb baby names we love — both single names and combination names, because sometimes we just have to be that extra. Keep scrolling to check them out and get inspired for your future munchkin!


Adamari López and Tony Costa named their baby girl Alaïa, which means joyful, happy, and sublime.

Mikaela and Rocco

Luis Fonsi and Agueda López chose outside-the-box names for their children, and we're loving that both names have personality, are super cool, and aren't as common.


Chyno Miranda went for a chic spin of a classic Spanish name. Instead of Lucas, he and his wife named their baby Lucca, without the S at the end and with two Cs.

Diego Ignacio, Miguel Alejandro, and Santiago Miguel

Meanwhile, Chyno's former bandmate Nacho went for a more traditional spin with his boys' names. We love these name combinations, because they make classic names sounds very sophisticated.

Jesaaelys, Yamilet, and Jeremy

Daddy Yankee has always been creative with his rhymes, his style, and his children's names. He definitely went for strong names with a lot of character for his three kids.

Lorenzo Valentino and Isadora Sofía

No, these are not Spanish royals' names. These are Chayanne's children's names! We love that he and his wife also chose to do combination names that are very stylish and elegant.

Nickolas and Oriana

Once upon a time, Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela were a couple. They had a son, and decided to give him a traditional name with a fun spin — that's where Nickolas came from. Gaby already had a daughter named Oriana from a previous relationship. And we can't help but love her name, too, which means "to rise" and "sunrise."

Paloma, Dante, and Luna

Juanes may be known as one of Latin music's biggest rockstars, but he's also a loving dad who, along with his wife, came up with the most sublime names for their kids.

Evaluna Mercedes, Alejandro Manuel, Hector Eduardo, Mauricio Sebastian, Ricardo Andres

Most of us remember Ricardo Montaner because our parents — particularly our moms — would play his music nonstop back in the late '90s. He has five children, all five of which have combination names that are worth taking a look at. If some of those names seem familiar, it's because you probably know Mauricio Sebastián and Ricardo Andrés as the popular group Mau y Ricky.

Jacob Andres and Sofia

Ozuna is a young and successful father. We love his kids' names as they're meaningful and beautiful, perfect for reggaeton royalty!

Pablo Anuel

We're loving the comeback the name Pablo is making, and even more so when someone like Anuel AA names his kid that, really pushing the name forward. Of course, Anuel couldn't miss the opportunity to add his own personal touch to the name as well.


Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann are a couple straight out of an ethereal dream. So when they named their daughter Kailani it made total sense. The name means "sea and sky."

Dalary, Daleyza, Larry, and Sebastián

Larry Hernández is expecting his fifth child, and third with his wife Kenia Ontiveros. While he kept it traditional with his boys' names, he really got creative with his girls' names, and now we can't wait to see if he'll go back to traditional or continue exploring his creativity with the baby girl that's on the way.

Elissa Marie and Alexa Miranda

Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán not only made beautiful children, but their names suit them perfectly. They sound like they could definitely be Mexican princesses.

Milán and Sasha

We love that Shakira and Piqué kept it short and sweet for their kids' names. After all, they're both mostly known by one name only, so by giving their children one name with a lot of character, Shakira and Piqué are sort of honoring all the work they've both put into really making their names what they are now.

Emme Maribel and Maximilian David

Leave it to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to give their kids edgy names with a side of tradition. While we love to call them "the coconuts," you better learn their real names!

Jacqueline, Carolina, Renata, Emilia, and Paula

Jacky Bracamontes was blessed with not one, not three, but five girls! She chose traditional yet forgotten names, and brought them back to remind us just how chic they are.

Erin and Regina

It comes as no surprise that two of the most beautiful people in the world, Aarón Díaz and Lola Ponce, would choose equally beautiful names for their two girls.

Matteo, Valentino, Lucia, Renn

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef are happy parents to four gorgeous children with names that make you feel like they belong in the cover of a magazine forever. The names are simple yet sophisticated, and are perfect for the kids of Latin music royalty.