Telenovelas to Add to Your Netflix Queue Right Now

Gone are the days when you had to remember to put a blank tape in your VHS player to record your nightly novelas. Now you can DVR them and, even better, stream some of your favorites on Netflix — with English subtitles. Whether you're in the mood for an oldie but goodie or a relatively recent drama (the ever-popular El Hotel de los Secretos), Netflix has a surprising amount of Spanish-language TV at your binge-watching disposal. Ready to set up camp? Prepare your queue, and keep scrolling for a list of shows you should add ASAP.

Additional reporting by Alessandra Foresto

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Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del Mal

What It's About: The life of the infamous drug lord.

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La Reina del Sur

What It's About: A female cartel leader who dominates the dangerous drug trafficking industry.

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What It's About: A jealous woman, Rubi, tries to steal her rich best friend's millionaire boyfriend.

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Señora Acero

What It's About: A woman takes over her dead husband's drug smuggling enterprise as she fights to save her diabetic son.

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Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso

What It's About: A young Colombian woman's journey to escape poverty. (Based on a true story.)

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La Esclava Blanca

What It's About: A girl returns to the family of black slaves that took her in in 1920s Colombia.