See Exactly How Thalia and Her Kids Are Celebrating the Fact That Summer Is Almost Here

Prepare for your heart to melt, because Thalia just shared the sweetest video with her kids on Instagram. In the giggle-filled clip, the "Desde Esa Noche" singer and her little ones — Sabrina, 8, and Matthew, 4 — are happily playing outside, relishing the crisp Spring air. Thalia, who has previously written about how much she adores her family as a POPSUGAR Latina contributor, captioned the moment:

Mi felicidad absoluta es escucharlos reir #amosermadre #vida #felicidad #llenura #ternura #alegria #life #happiness #sweet #kids #mom #momlife When I hear them laugh I feel absolute happiness!

So cute! Watch the adorableness unfold above, and check out how big Thalia's kids are getting in this rare video of the family. Then, discover Thalia's top tricks for getting your kids to eat healthy.