Trader Joe's Has the Mixer You Need to Make the Perfect Jalapeño Margarita

Let's face it: making a batch of jalapeño margaritas takes quite a lot of preparation. While the spicy cocktail is a summertime staple of many bars, it can be time-consuming to casually whip one up at home. That's why margarita enthusiasts are turning to Trader Joe's new jalapeño limeade.

The nonalcoholic beverage contains simple organic ingredients and about 400 calories per one-quart bottle. Though the zesty drink can be enjoyed alone, Trader Joe's shoppers have mainly been using it to make cocktails. Since its release in May, many have taken to Instagram to share their recipes. According to our Instagram search, the limeade pairs nicely with tequila, vodka, and even rum. To improve upon that extremely simple recipe, however, you can also add a splash or simple syrup and seltzer. At just under $3, this jalapeño margarita shortcut just can't be beat.