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What to Wear For Domingo de Pascua

Dressing Up For Domingo de Pascua Has Been a Tradition My Whole Life — Here's What I'm Wearing This Year

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Semana Santa was more than just spring break for my Puerto Rican family. Yes, I'd be off for two days of the week and get to spend plenty of time with my parents watching Biblical movies and eating fish for almost every meal. Despite us not being super religious, we still paid our respects and went to Mass every Sunday. Thinking back, those four days seemed to blur together; it was like a mini vacation between Christmas and summer.

But within those four days, the most important one in our family was Domingo de Pascua. And no, it wasn't just because the Easter bunny would come and leave my chocolate eggs everywhere — it was because we would have a big lunch celebration after going to Mass. Picture this: My day would start by being woken up by my mom, who would tell me the Easter bunny had left me some presents, as well as an Easter egg hunt. Excited, I'd get up and discover this majestic basket filled with chocolate bunnies and Peeps and hunt for Easter eggs in our massive backyard filled with matas de plátano and flowers.

Shortly after, my family and I would go all out in our outfits for Mass at la Catedral de San Juan and brunch at the Caribe Hilton hotel. As a child, I'd usually wear white frilly dresses with dress shoes and those tiny lace socks. My hair would always be big and curly. My mom, on the other hand, would wear skirts and blouses, or a dress, but she always had a pearl necklace (or the last piece my dad had gifted her). My father, on the other hand, would wear dress pants and a crisp button-up shirt that unintentionally always somehow matched my mom's outfit.

Because I have been living in New York City for the last five years, I haven't been to an Easter Mass with my parents in a while, so it makes my last outfit the most memorable: an emerald-green slip dress with colorful high heels. I'm channeling that energy this year, as I look forward to dressing up once more and going to Mass with friends. Ahead you'll find my top five picks for my Easter celebrations, all from Old Navy.

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