These 3 Sisters Will Become Mothers and Aunts — at the Same Time!

A recent pregnancy announcement on Instagram has since gone viral for its pretty unbelievable reveal: the three sisters shown are all expecting at the same freaking time. That means that, in the span of a year, the three will all become aunts and mothers. Pretty crazy, huh?

One of the sisters, Samantha Sondrup, posted the photo with the caption that read, "Sisters that are pregnant together stay together," adding, "Ok that's not a saying but we sure as heck will be chasing 3 little cousins together." It was later revealed by another sister, Kayla Baker, that the sister pictured on the far right had just given birth. Her picture was accompanied with the hashtag #1out2togo.

Happy #bumpday I mean Hump Day !!! #1out2togo #🐪 #babylovin

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