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Bad Texting Habits From Guys

Stop It! 10 Text Habits From Guys We Are SO Over

Twins Karen and Kristy Ambrose, also known as The Ambrose Girls, list off the 10 most annoying habits guys have while texting and NEED to put an end to.

Let's air out the truth here, guys . . . We are in an age that is balls deep in its reliance on text message conversations. How scary is it when someone actually calls you?! Yikes?! Seriously, who calls anymore?!

We prefer text messages for several reasons. The top reason being that it gives us a shield. This shield protects us from absolutely having to respond to unwanted messages. It provides us cover while we take screen shots to send to our besties in hopes of formulating "the perfect" response. The best perk of this shield is that it gives us the freedom to stop and think before we respond, a luxury that voice-on-voice conversations do not allow us.

Texting is mutually beneficial to both genders in the world of dating. However, we can only speak for the ladies here when we say . . . There are some common habits guys have that drive us completely nuts (not in the good way) when it comes to text messaging.

  1. Emoji and "lol" usage: OK, seriously guys, we view you as men. Masculine and strong by definition. When you send five texts in a row all ending or beginning with "lol" and a different variation of a "flirty" emoji face, we are going to start thinking you swing both ways, or just one way — and that is not to the ladies. We can dish emoji for days but just can't take them when they come in large quantities from you.
  2. The ignore game: As established young women, the whole ignore game lost its endearment when we left our college dorms. If we text you, only to see you post on Instagram, Facebook, and tweet before responding to us five hours later, we no longer get the stomach flips and happy anxiousness awaiting your response. Basically, it's a turnoff, and makes you look like an immature douche.
  3. Ask, don't tell: We all like assertion at times, but if you want to ask a girl out over text, this is your first mistake. Second, if you happen to ask over text, do not say "I'm taking you . . . " or "We are going out Thursday." ASK! A simple, "Would you like to . . . " or "Can I?" will take you FAR.
  4. Don't leave the ball in our court, we don't want it: Nothing is more awkward than not being sure if a guy asked you out or not. "Let me know if you can squeeze me into your schedule" does not a date invitation make. We are not going to read through the lines and assume that you want to take us out for an evening on your dime.
  5. A proper date invitation includes two parts: 1. State your intention THEN 2. Let us decide if we are willing to go out, and further when we are free. It's as easy as saying, "I would like to take you out, do you know when you are free this week?"
  6. Let's talk about pics . . . We aren't idiots: If you send us a heavily filtered gym selfie flexing to the max at an obscure hour of the night, jig is up, buddy, we know you aren't still at the gym. Further, any photo that you have taken such time filtering and posing for, we are going to assume was sent out to several phones. Sending a selfie hours after it was taken just makes us feel like you reached out to us in a moment of attention-craving thirst. This is not sexy, oh no no no.
  7. Don't try too hard: If the conversation seems forced, like you're putting 10 minutes of thought into a 2.5-sentence text, we will assume you're insecure; since confidence is sexy, we won't be into this. We can always tell when a guy is not being real with us, and that is not attractive. So just be yourself; there is no need for cheesy pickup lines or attempts at jokes.
  8. Naked pics? Don't even think about it: Sexy pics have a time and a place that should be confined to serious relationships between two people who trust each other. They do not belong in the new relationship world. Asking for a photo is a big no-no! It always comes off as sleazy and makes us feel like you're trying to get easy ass. If you ask a girl for a photo, first thoughts are always, "OMG how many other girls does he ask for photos on the reg?" It's not a good look!
  9. Hold off on making fun: Have we not graduated past kindergarten? The tease because you "like" a girl didn't even work on the monkey bars. Also, this washed-up move only works when you really know the girl, and early on in relationships, you do not. No matter how great a girl's sense of humor is, anything that is remotely a dig at us is not going to be taken as a harmless joke.
  10. DruNkkk txting, L8eR Duddee: After college, receiving a stream of nonsensical texts at 3 a.m. is not cute. We will not lolzzzz. We are no longer flattered you were thinking of us in a deeply inebriated state. "Heyey U atz ur pLaCee?!" is a text that should have been tucked away with your Hollister cargo shorts. Just don't do it.

There comes a time in every single girl's phone where any of the above texts will present themselves. Don't worry dear girls, this happens to us all.

If you're the sender of these texts, look no further for the reasons you're being ignored or written off. Keep the above mentioned in mind, and thank us later. Happy texting!

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