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Beauty and the Beast Ice-Skating Video

Watch This Real-Life Beauty and the Beast Ice Skate in Tandem

With the recent buzz surrounding the upcoming Beauty and the Beast live-action movie, we can't help but feel all the nostalgic feels. That's why we just can't get over the above video, which features Russian professional hockey player Ilya Kovalchuk ice skating alongside a talented, elegant female counterpart. It's giving us so many flashbacks to our favorite scene from Beauty and the Best: The Enchanted Christmas when Belle teaches the Beast how to ice skate. Watch the video above to see Kovalchuk — bulky hockey pads and all — awkwardly attempting to keep up with her graceful twirls and pivots. And if this doesn't satisfy your love for the timeless Disney couple, be sure to check out all the juicy details on the gorgeous Beauty and the Beast trailer.

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