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Beauty Tips For Bridesmaids

How to Get Beautiful Bridesmaids (and Keep Them Happy)

To make sure that everyone looks and feels great on your special day, Brides offers several important etiquette matters for you to follow with your bridal party.

Let's talk wedding-day beauty for your bridesmaids! These ladies are your closest friends and family, so it's important to make them look (and feel) as amazing as you do for your wedding. As with bridesmaid dresses, the hair and makeup gets a lot of your input and a little of theirs, which means there's some important etiquette matters to address as you decide on an overall look. From who pays to what you can demand, here are some of the most important bridesmaid beauty issues to consider for your wedding!

Who pays for the bridesmaids' hair and makeup?

There is no hard-and-fast rule for this, but if you prefer that your bridesmaids get their hair and makeup professionally done, then it is a nice gesture to offer to pay for these services. After all, your attendants have already paid for their bridesmaid dresses (not to mention the bridal shower and any kind of bachelorette party you have) and some have probably traveled quite a distance to be a part of the celebration, which means you should take into consideration their travel and accommodations costs, too. But if your budget doesn't allow for salon services — or if hair and makeup aren't really a big deal to you — trust your bridesmaids to primp and get wedding-ready on their own. Another idea: If you've got a talented friend who is a whiz at hair and makeup, ask if she wouldn't mind helping the morning of the wedding. Then give her a gift certificate (to Sephora, maybe?) as a thank you.

Is it wrong for me to ask my bridesmaids not to have wild nails? I want simple and elegant.

Organize a manicure party a day or two before your wedding. Book appointments for all six of you together. Tell your fabulous five that you have chosen the color you want to complement your aesthetic. (A green volcano amidst a sea of precious pink would be . . . um . . . distracting.) Pay for the manicures and then, as a party favor, give a bottle of the polish to each of your attendants. Your manicure soirée (with wine or Champagne, of course) will make for a fun memory. Think of it as a mini bachelorette party — just steer clear of tequila shots this close to game time.

Can I ask my bridesmaids to cover their tattoos?

You can — as long as you ask nicely and help facilitate the process, either by hiring a professional makeup artist to do the job (most pros use a drying spray on the concealer so that it doesn't rub off on clothes) or by giving each 'maid something to slip over her shoulders, like a boxy brocade jacket or a stylish shrug. But before you do either of these things, you should realize that tats on your bridesmaids' backs will not take away from the elegance of your wedding. The overall setting and style of a celebration, and gracious hosts (you and your fiancé) are what create a high-toned ambiance.

— Terri Pous

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