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Benefits of Dating a Virgo

7 Reasons You Should Date a Virgo

If you've got yourself a virgo, consider yourself lucky. It's not always easy to impress women of this sign and they don't take relationships lightly. While it's understandable to assume that she's a cold person, know that she's very passionate and loving underneath. It just takes some time for her to warm up to people because she tends to be guarded, but once she decides she wants you in her life, you'll have an amazing partner and/or friend.

Virgos have a bad rap of being uptight and conservative, but don't let that deter you from approaching one. They're just as fun and sweet as other signs, as long as you get past that initial screening. They can be very analytical, so you might think they're uninterested when really they're running things through their head. If you're able to win one over, hold onto her tight for these seven reasons.

  1. She's strong and independent: Virgos are assertive and know what they want. She might seem a bit intimidating but don't let her indifferent exterior fool you. She can hold her own and she won't need you, but she does appreciate an equally driven partner by her side.
  2. She's got a brain: Women of this sign tend to be intelligent. Your conversations will be intellectually stimulating and of substance, but you won't have to worry about her being pretentious.
  3. She'll help you get your sh*t together: Virgos are career driven and love being in control of every aspect of their life. She is a perfectionist and will be more than happy to help you make similar improvements and motivate you in all your endeavors.
  4. She's a devoted lover: She's not known to be promiscuous, but if she finds you worthy of commitment, you'll be able to tell. Though she requires a little time to grow fully comfortable with intimacy, she becomes increasingly sensual as her guard goes down. You'll never have to worry about infidelity with her.
  5. She doesn't require gifts and attention: She has different ways of showing her love and doesn't like grand displays. She won't ever nag you about flowers or romance because she values the deeper aspects to your relationship more.
  6. You can depend on her: Virgos are extremely loyal and truthful. They're dedicated to those they love, so she'll never flake on you or go against her word. You can always expect to have a dependable partner by your side.
  7. She's with you for the long haul: Virgos don't waste their time with just anybody, so if she's with you, it means for good reason. She has high standards for herself and for those she brings into her life. Once she loves you, you can expect to be in it long-term.

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