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12 Things to Know Before Dating a Virgo

Virgos, born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22, are known for being logical, organized, and perfectionistic. We keep our promises, show up on time, and remember our friends' birthdays. Basically, we have our sh*t together. The downside is that we're highly critical of ourselves and others, and we get all bent out of shape if things don't go according to plan.

Now that you have an idea of what Virgos are like, here are some more things you should know before you date one — and you probably should if you're a Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, or Scorpio, because those are matches made in heaven (or in the stars, at least).

  1. We probably spent half an hour debating the wording of the last text we sent you.
    We put a lot of thought into our communications, so ignoring a text is one of the worst insults you can deal to a Virgo.
  2. We're working hard to impress you.
    If it seems like we're trying to show off, it's a sign that we really like you! Once we feel confident that our feelings are reciprocated, we'll loosen up. For now, try to take our attempts at impressing you as a compliment, clumsy as they may be.
  3. We're putting a lot of thought into this relationship.
    When we decide where to meet, we think about what train lines you live near. When we decide when to call you, we think about your schedule. When we decide where to take you, we think about what foods you've mentioned you like. Please don't abuse our thoughtfulness, and try to reciprocate it!
  4. When you are late, we take it personally.
    Barring an emergency, we have trouble understanding how anyone who genuinely respects our time could be late. If you tend to underestimate how long traveling takes, allow yourself more time. If there's going to be traffic, leave sooner. If you're rushing from work, schedule our date for later. Virgos believe that your punctuality is almost always under your control, so we buy very few excuses for lateness.
  5. We lose interest when you start playing games.
    We don't have time for nonsense, and nothing makes us feel more disrespected than you wasting our time. We're far too practical for cat and mouse or any other game except the kind that takes place on a board.
  6. We take your words to heart.
    Remember that statement you blurted out during a fight that you don't even believe? Maybe not, but we do. And we're still analyzing it two years later.
  7. We can't play things by ear.
    We like to figure out our schedules days or even weeks in advance and need others' input to do that — because whether or not you're free Thursday affects whether or not we'll see our friends Thursday, which affects what we'll do Friday. Don't mess with our system by waiting until the last minute to make plans.
  8. Despite how it seems, we are highly sexual people.
    "Virgo" means "virgin," and accordingly, we often come off innocent — but once you get to know us, we're anything but. It may take us a while to get comfortable, but once you unleash a Virgo's desires, there's no going back.
  9. We know you better than you do.
    Yes, it's a cliché that our significant others know us better than we know ourselves, but since Virgos are highly observant, we often see through facades, which scares a lot of people away. If you want to date a Virgo, be prepared to take a good, hard look at yourself.
  10. We keep our feelings to ourselves. 
    Virgos are not the type to say everything that mind. If something hurts us, we'll more likely think on it, decide if we want to share it, and then determine the best way to bring it up. If you want to know how we're feeling in the moment, you may have to ask. The answer will probably be more complex that you expected.
  11. We won't settle. 
    Virgos are perfectionists, so we won't be satisfied with something unless it provides everything we're looking for. Even if we stick around with the hope of making something subpar work, we won't be truly happy because we can't ignore when something just feels off.
  12. We need to be able to have deep discussions.
    We don't see much value in small talk or meaningless partying. We'd choose a long, philosophical conversation over a night of drinking any day, and we want someone who can partake in these conversations with us.
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