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Decan Zodiac Sign

Does Being Born Late in Your Zodiac Sign Impact Your Personality?

Each person is assigned a zodiac sign depending on when he or she was born that's based on the positioning of the sun, moon, and stars on that date. You probably already know which of the 12 signs is yours and the personality profile it entails. However, you many not have known that the time you were born in a specific month's "season" also impacts your personality.

According to some astrologers, just being born in a Scorpio's time frame doesn't make you stubborn and passionate, just like falling within a Gemini's section of the wheel of the zodiac doesn't completely determine if you're gentle and affectionate. For a more accurate read on your personality type based on your zodiac sign, these astrologists believe you need to look a step further at what type you are within each sign.

To figure this out, remember that the wheel of the zodiac is divided into 12 sections that represent the 30 days the sun spends at each sign. However, you need to take it a step further and look at it when the wheel is divided again into 36 sections, known as decans.

Each sign has three decans — or sections — that represent the beginning, middle, and end of that sign.

Specific characteristics associated with each sign fall within certain decans, so in order to know more about your personality, you can't just look at your sign — you also have to consider which decan you fall into depending on your birth date.

Each of the three decans is influenced by the other signs within the same fire, earth, air, or water element. Someone born in the first decan, or earlier in the month, is considered to be purest because neither of the other two signs in that grouping impacts it. The next sign somewhat influences the second decan and the third sign in that specific element has pull on the third decan.

Your decan doesn't change which sign you identify with or completely determine your astrological makeup. It just gives more insight to your personality based on your sign.

Although this can seem confusing at first, here's my personal example to make it clearer: I'm an Aquarius born on Feb. 15. The air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, in that order. My zodiac sign ranges from Jan. 20 to Feb. 18, which means I fall within the third decan. The first decan is purely Aquarius, Gemini influences the second, and Libra influences the third decan. Check out your decan and what it says about you.

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