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Friend Zone Hashtag

The Friend Zone Hashtag Captures the Pain of Platonic Friendship

The friend zone is otherwise known as the limbo between love and friendship, the status of a relationship described with just one loathsome word: platonic. Anyone who has been in this agonizing state of unrequited torture knows not only the pain, but also the quiet patience with which we have to wait in hopes that one day the final gap between loving and being in love will be bridged. Some of us never get there. Luckily, laughter is the best remedy — so we've rounded up some of the most hilarious responses to #friendzone we could find. Hopefully, you can't relate. And if you can — just remember, Ron Weasley made it out, so maybe you can, too.

It may even take a little bit of magic to get out of the friend zone . . .

Image Source: New Line Cinema
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