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Guy Fake Proposes to His Girlfriend on Kiss Cam

This Guy Just Pulled the Ultimate D*ck Move on the Kiss Cam

Being featured on the kiss cam can go two ways: you'll either be mortified or have a sweet moment. One not-so-lucky girl thought she was about to experience the latter until her boyfriend pulled the ultimate d*ck move in front of everyone. He bent down on one knee, looking like he was about to propose, and then SIKE, he got back up and laughed off the worst just-kidding in kiss cam history. You can't help but sympathize with the girlfriend, who looked so excited before realizing the joke. At the end, she tried to leave, and we don't blame her.

Watch how it went down ahead, and tell us if the stunt was breakup worthy or harmless fun.

Can't see how this could go wrong
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