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Honest Trailer For The Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid's Honest Trailer Points Out Film's Questionable Message

Well, when you put it that way, I guess The Little Mermaid sounds a little creepy, sexist, and frightening. It may be a fan favorite, but Screen Junkies's honest trailer for the Disney classic hilariously and brutally dissects the more questionable messages in The Little Mermaid with jabs at the "whimsically fascist" underwater kingdom, the "half-naked 15-year-old," and the general moral of the story. Alright, so its message that young girls should "look pretty, surround yourself with friends who are dumber and fatter than you, abandon your family to marry a guy you just met, and if you're not happy with a contract you signed without even reading get your fiancé to murder the person who outsmarted you" isn't great — but we can't help but have fond memories of the classic animated film. Watch the trailer now, and tell us — is your childhood ruined?

Image Source: Disney
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