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How Weed Can Help Your Sex Life

4 Tips on How Weed Can Take Both Your Relationship and Sex Life to the Next Level

Weed has the ability to heighten your senses: music sounds better, food tastes incredible, and touch . . . now, that's next level. But on top of making sex feel mind-blowing, marijuana can also enhance your relationship outside the bedroom. I spoke with Libby Cooper, creative director of weed delivery app Eaze, about the right ways to incorporate cannabis into your love life, and she offered some awesome tips as well as specific product recommendations below.

On resparking your relationship

I asked for some surprising ways couples can use weed together, and Libby explained how you'll both be able to enjoy more than just a high. Say you come home after a long day at work and intimacy is the last thing on your mind. Your partner is on the same page after dealing with a stressful day his/herself, and quality time sort of falls by the wayside as you both get stuck in this routine.

"Believe it or not, marijuana can reignite special time together," Libby told us. "Marijuana can help relax your mind and body after a day at the office, uplift your mood, and make you more present in the current moment. When shared together, consuming marijuana can become a fun ritual in itself. Whether it is rolling a joint and then standing on your roof together to smoke it or cutting a gummy in half and cheekily popping it in your mouths, marijuana can make an evening special."

On making date night fun

There are various strains of weed and ways of ingesting it for different situations. If you're thinking a lazy night in, opt for an indica strain (for full-body relaxation). If you're looking to watch a movie or do something active, for example, a sativa would be more fitting.

"Sativa strains are energetic and lead to amazing, long conversations," Libby said. "It's a great way to tune into your partner."

Virtually any activity is more fun when high. Libby's personal favorite is to cook dinner with her partner and smoke a sativa joint right before the food is ready.

On marijuana as an aphrodisiac

In addition to enhancing date night, weed allows for special moments in the bedroom, as well. Calmness, relaxation, increased arousal, and better blood flow are all potential side effects of ingesting marijuana, which can lead to better sex.

"Marijuana heightens your senses, and just like enjoying your dinner and conversation more, it makes touch that much more exciting," Libby said. "Perfect for both newer flings and long-term relationships, consuming marijuana before being intimate will make the sex — how can I say this? — really, really goddamn incredible!"

An important thing to note, however, is that there will most likely be a trial period. When you're too stoned, you can burst into giggles in the middle of sex, be too sleepy, or — for ladies — even end up reaching the point of genital numbness (it'll still feel great, but it might take you a lot longer to orgasm). And remember to drink a lot of water! Having cottonmouth while making out is the worst. Libby said it's all about starting off slow in terms of both the amount you consume and the intensity of touch.

"I recommend playing around with different strains and consumption methods to see what works best for you and your partner," Libby said. "I prefer staying away from edibles for intimacy because you don't know if your metabolism is the same speed as your partners. Vapes and prerolls are a great way to share a moment and then have almost immediate feedback on how it made you feel."

On the best strains and products for optimal arousal

Have fun figuring out what works best for you and your significant other. You may find that you two prefer topicals over smoking, vaping over edibles, etc. Here are some recommendations from Libby for you to try tonight in your legalized state (or with a medical-marijuana card).

  • Flower: "I love Sour Diesel flower for rolling my own joints. Sour Diesel is a creative, happy, and euphoric sativa. It makes everything feel incredible, gives a nice boost of confidence, and doesn't make you sleepy!"
  • Prerolls: "Nothing is sexier than Lucky420's branding, and their sativa prerolls are really groovy. I love lounging around in a silk robe, feeling glamorous with my partner and these prerolls."
  • Vapes: "If you are interested in vaping, I really like the new Aura CBD Glow (3:1 THC to CBD) cartridge for a light high. The three-to-one ratio is perfect for a subtle feeling that minimally affects your mental state but definitely makes your body feel oh-so-good. Glow contains more CBD than THC, which is a known anti-inflammatory. As someone with tummy issues, I use CBD to get my body feeling great, so the only thing on my mind is my partner, instead of pain."
  • Topicals: "It's very relaxing and intimate to share a bath together. I love a good two-person bath with Om Edibles Lavender Salt Mineral Soak at least once a week!"
  • Edibles: "Ritual Anytime CBD Drops (1:1) are probably my favorite means of consumption in the 'edibles' department because you only have to take a few drops, and sweet and spicy cinnamon flavor is sexy in itself. As I said above, I don't love edibles for stoned sex, but what's great about these drops is that they are absorbed by your body sublingually, which means you feel great, fast. The one-to-one ratio of THC to CBD is really nice and not overwhelming compared to pure THC edibles."
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