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Idris Elba AMA Quotes

Idris Elba Did an AMA, and Now We're in Love

British dreamboat Idris Elba did a Reddit AMA today, and he revealed himself to be just as charming and unpretentious as we all imagined he would be. (He even shared his favorite Disney movies!) Read some tidbits from his online Q&A now that will have you swooning:

Who gave you permission to be so attractive? Also, what's your favorite color?

Idris Elba: My mum and dad. You have to ask my mum and dad about the first question, because I took their genes and became me. But thanks for the compliment. My favourite colour is green.

What's your favorite animal?

IE: My favourite animal is a dog. I'm allergic to dogs, but I love dogs. But my second favourite animal is a lion.

On The Office your character said they were aware of the effect they had on women, is that true of you in real life?

IE: Uh — no.

Mr. Elba, with the recent announcement that you are lending your voice as Shere Khan in Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book . . . I have to ask: What is your favorite classic animated Disney movie?

IE: What is my favourite classic animated movie . . . dudududu . . . what is my favourite . . . that's a good question. At the risk of sounding corny, I think it is The Jungle Book. And it's not animated, but it fits in that world, Mary Poppins. I loved Mary Poppins. Classic, man, just classic! The songs, the animation, amazin'.

How would you prefer fans to approach you when they see you in public?

IE: Ehmm — I really like it when fans just say "Hey man, I'm just — nice to meet you, you know. this is who I am" a lot of fans don't say hello, or just forget the ordinary common niceties. They just go straight to "can I take a picture" and sometimes that's, it's nice to be spoken to, not spoken at.

Mr. Elba, I have a co-worker who would just lose it if you said hello to her. Her name is Toni, could you just send a message to her or just say hello to her on here?

IE: Hello Toni. Please don't lose it!

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