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Lady Gaga Gay Proposal

So Sweet! Lady Gaga Invites a Man on Stage to Propose to His Boyfriend

There's nothing like a creative surprise proposal, but when Lady Gaga gives you her blessing, the event goes from exciting to epic. The singer pulled her friend Jay on stage to propose to his partner, Shaun, at an ArtRave: The Artpop Ball show this week. She hugged the two after the proposal and said, "It's a good thing that there's gay people all over the world . . . and you deserve to love, and to express your love, the same as everybody around the world." She serenaded the couple with a slow, moving version of "Born This Way" while the newly engaged duo sat on stage for the performance. As Gaga pointed out during the song, love conquers all things! Watch the video to see the sweet proposal — and congrats to Jay and Shaun!

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