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Lies Men Tell on a First Date

10 Lies He May Tell You on a First Date

Lies Men Tell on a First Date
Image Source: Unsplash / Atikh Bana

Men like to sound good on a first date just as much as women do. They have some high expectations when it comes to dating, as do women. Overall, I think most people — men and women — intend to be honest on a first date, but there are some people who lie blatantly. And, of course, all of us to tend to gloss over things on a first date because we want people to give us a chance before making assumptions or turning us away. There are a few things that men might be more apt to lie about or gloss over, and I think it's in a more innocent and "white lie" way than an all-out vicious lie, like telling someone he doesn't have kids when in reality he has three. Here are 10 lies men might tell on a first date.

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