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Lush Same-Sex Couple Valentine's Day Ads

Lush Just Gave the BEST Response to People Hating on Its Ads Featuring Same-Sex Couples

If Lush Cosmetics' adorable Valentine's Day bath bombs didn't already get you in the V-Day spirit, its latest campaign is sure to make you fall head over heels. The popular brand recently launched a campaign featuring cute-as-can-be same-sex couples enjoying their favorite limited-edition bath-time treats. The carefree photos are so pure, perfectly capturing the ever-popular motto that "love is love."

When Lush started receiving backlash for advertising with photos of nonheteronormative couples, the company responded to "the stir" in the best way possible — with humor!

Despite some negative feedback, it looks like most of the internet is on the same page: this sweet campaign just took our love for Lush and its fizzy bombs to the next level.

The company featured the photos on its website, too!

People are seriously loving all the love.

Others are applauding how the brand is taking on such a controversial topic in a fun way.

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