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Man Sweetly Cheers Up His Depressed Wife

The Amazingly Sweet Thing This Husband Did to Cheer Up His Wife

Sometimes all it takes is a sweet and simple gesture to show a significant other how much you care, and one husband totally nailed it. Imgur user mollywho, who's been suffering from depression, returned home from a trip to such a thoughtful surprise — one that she needed most that day. She went to bed in tears to find a list of 15 "Reasons I Love My Wife" painted on the mirror next to her.

  1. She is my best friend
  2. She never quits on herself or me
  3. She gives me time to work on my crazy projects
  4. She makes me laugh, everyday
  5. She is gorgeous
  6. She accepts the crazy person I am
  7. She's the kindest person i know
  8. She's got a beautiful singing voice
  9. She's gone to a strip club with me
  10. She has experienced severe tragedy yet is the most optimistic person about humanity I know
  11. She has been fully supportive about my career choices and followed me each time
  12. Without realizing it, she makes me want to do more for her than I have ever wanted to do for anyone
  13. She's done an amazing job at advancing her career path
  14. Small animals make her cry
  15. She snorts when she laughs

She shared how recent events have taken a toll on her but how wonderful and patient her husband has been through it all. "I've not been the easiest person to deal with. In fact, sometimes I've lost all hope and even taken my frustration out on my new husband. But he somehow forgives me every time." She also noted that although mental illness is not easily cured by a kind act, a thoughtful reminder can make all the difference as it did for her that evening.

If you're not already forming tears, read her entire post ahead.

I've been depressed lately. Thankfully, my husband seems to get the whole "For better, for worse..." thing
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