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Modern Outdoor Quaker Wedding

Hannah and Amy's Whimsical Garden-Party Wedding

Modern Outdoor Quaker Wedding
Image Source: SMS Photography

Hannah and Amy's fun-filled wedding is truly a sight to behold — it's not hard to tell that the event was an utterly joyous occasion and that the brides poured themselves entirely into planning the perfect day. As they describe it, their wedding theme was simply "whimsical magical love with lots of glitter . . . we wanted garden-party-meets-sparkle-flair." They did not disappoint on either front!

The two tied the official knot at San Francisco City Hall the day before before heading to Austin where they held a traditional Quaker wedding, in which there was no officiant and their guests were encouraged to rise and share messages during the ceremony. Their grand celebration took place at the Mercury Hall in Austin, TX, where they incorporated an impressive amount of gorgeous DIY details, like their ceremony programs, thank-you cards, flags, and glitter-covered straws!

To make things even more awesome, with the help of The Confetti Committee, they had a "make-out fort," flowers in the trees, streamers everywhere, and a video confession booth! (Check out their full list of vendors here.) I don't think there is one thing about this wedding that isn't superdreamy; their glittery-gold cake and decadent sweets table looked like something out of a fairy tale. After all of their planning and prepping, here's Hannah and Amy's advice for newly engaged couples:

"Be patient with each other and pick your battles! Also, before you wed, remember why you're doing this. Hannah and I went camping two weekends before our wedding and we wrote our vows together. It forced us to focus on each other and not all the details of the wedding (no Internet in the woods)! It was the best thing we did before the wedding."

And if you're wondering about the #ILLWY wedding hashtag, there's a really cute story behind that. "ILLWY" stands for "I love laundry with you," because early on in their relationship it was an acronym that signified how they love doing the little things together — even laundry. When they spent a year doing long-distance, they used the hashtag to stay in touch as they shared photos with each other. So sweet! Check out their beautiful and emotional wedding now.

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