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Nina Abdel Malak Instagram

This Singer's Instagram Post Is What Everyone on the Internet Needs

Nina Abdel Malak is a Lebanese singer with a strong Instagram presence — she's got one million followers, and she's using the platform to create positive change. Take a photo she posted this morning, for example. Nina delves into why her followers are "enough" and advises them not to be fooled by all the flashy things on social media, encouraging them to find happiness in real life.

"You are enough. Your unique beauty is enough. Your personality is enough. Don't let famous people in life and on social media 'including me' make you feel less of a person just because they only show you the positive sides of their lives. Their eyes, lips, bodies, nails, hair, cars and houses, relationships should never be your GOALS. Happiness, self love, confidence, satisfaction, thankfulness, reaching your dreams and doing what YOU love are what should be called goals. The only QUEEN is your mom, famous people are not!!! The only thing that should be ON FLEEK is your lifestyle. I am not perfect, no one is, I refuse to be complimented in a way that makes me feel superior or more of a human than YOU cause simply I'm not. I'm just here to inspire, entertain, and spread love, art, peace, and beauty. Be grateful for what you have and don't let the social media world fool you. Focus on your life and love it, cause when you love what you have, life will reward you with more blessings. Complaining, jealousy, hate, self insulting will not. I love you and care about you and I need to see more happy and satisfied people here and in real life, especially among teenagers."

Words to live by? Definitely.

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