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Pop-Up Engagement Ring Case

This Engagement Ring Box Might Be a Game Changer

Up until now, suitors taking the proposal leap have had to find ways to artfully hide the engagement ring until the moment they ask the big question. Stuffing the box in a pair of pants might mean getting the "is something in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" look, or worse, spoiling the surprise entirely.

Designer Andrew Zo has come up with the solution to all future proposers' bulky-box woes. He crafted a flat ring case, the Clifton, that can be easily concealed in a wallet or pocket, with a "delightful flower blooming effect" when opened.

The Clifton boxes ($90) are hand-crafted, and since their recent Reddit debut, they've been in such high demand that Zo has had to hold off on any more September orders, but he will be back in business for new requests by October — so get ahead of the game if you're planning on popping the question sometime soon!

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