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Prancing Elites Parade Video

Haters Gonna Hate, but They Aren't Stopping The Prancing Elites

There may be hope for reality TV yet. A group of dancers, known as the Prancing Elites, star in Oxygen's The Prancing Elite Project, and a scene from a recent episode had us completely breaking down in both happy and sad tears. The members wanted to do what they do best — dance.

Unfortunately, many people at the Alabama parade they planned on prancing through were so offended by their appearance that the group was actually banned from participating in the events, so they had to perform as bystanders instead. Parade goers hurled horrible insults at the group, shaming them, telling them to go home, and berating them simply for dancing, aka being completely fabulous. But they danced on despite the harsh reactions, and despite being visibly affected.

Just when you get to the point in the video where all of your faith in humanity is pretty much lost and your hope for the future is seriously waning, a few wonderful people come to the rescue. One woman hugged a member and said that the haters weren't worth their tears, telling them to keep their heads up and keep doing what they were doing. A little girl approached them in tears over the mean things people were saying.

Watching the dancing group proudly prance through the pain and seeing the positive response from some of the crowd members is so inspiring. Because haters are gonna hate, but we hope that they never stop the Prancing Elites or anyone else deemed "different" from doing what they love.

Image Source: Oxygen
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