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The Real Differences Between Online Dating Now vs the 2000s

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Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sisilia Piring

Smartphones have changed the way we date in just a few years — but why does it still feel so hard? We've partnered with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to remind you what dating used to be like.

There's no denying that technology has changed so many aspects of our lives. We rely on our smartphones for almost everything — transportation, streaming shows, and even dating. Online dating in the early 2000s was very rare, but now in 2016 it has almost become the norm. If you aren't on multiple dating apps at a time, then what are you doing?!

We often catch ourselves remembering our early dating ways as if they were just yesterday — though they practically were. Keep reading to see the major differences between dating now versus in the late '90s and early 2000s. Then let us know — has dating changed for the better or worse?