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Signs He'll Be Bad in Bed

15 Signs He'll Be Bad in Bed

There are few things worse than getting into bed with the guy you're dating only to realize he's, well, less than satisfying. Fortunately, Dear Wendy has 15 signs to look out for, so you'll know if he's bound to be bad in bed.

For many people, the unfortunate moment when you learn the person you're dating — or, maybe just met? — is bad in bed doesn't happen until it's a little too late. Luckily, there are some signs for those of you who'd like to avoid such awkward moments in the future. Ahead, 15 signs he'll be bad in bed (before you even get in bed . . . ).

  1. It takes him 10 minutes to get your bra off.
  2. You've never seen him sober.
  3. He makes noises when he eats: slurping, grunting, sucking . . . yuck.
  4. He dresses like Jake Pavelka from The Bachelor.
  5. He interrupts you when you're telling a story, never letting you finish.

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  1. He wears a lot of hair gel.
  2. He darts his tongue in and out of your mouth really fast when he kisses you, like a snake.
  3. He still sleeps in a twin bed.
  4. He's "grope-y."
  5. He talks about your feet a lot.

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  1. He has bad breath.
  2. You've been out four times and he has yet to make a move.
  3. Says things like, "I've never had any complaints in bed . . . " with a little wink.
  4. He tells really bad jokes.
  5. He never holds the door open for you.

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