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Signs You're an Old Millennial

80 Signs You're an Old Millennial

Signs You're an Old Millennial
Image Source: Flickr user Connie Ma

Those of you millennials who've heard about the "entitled" generation of your time might strongly distance yourselves because you don't consider yourself a part of that end of the age bracket. You played Oregon Trail, not Neopets, and you're realizing now more than ever that you're way too old for some of the sh*t out there. And that's where the difference between "old" and "young" millennials comes in.

One major distinction is age. Within that 1980 to 2000 window, you fall under the first half and identify more with My So-Called Life than with Degrassi, Nokias over Motorola Razrs, and CDs over iPods. Basically everything that was relevant to your childhood and teenage years was way cooler than what followed. Sound like you? Here are 80 more signs to tell you're an old millennial.

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