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Things All New Brides Need

Want to Be Prepared? Here Are the 5 Things All New Brides Need

Your wedding day is one of the only days in your life that you cross your fingers and pray to your lucky stars that nothing goes wrong, that no unexpected problems rise to the surface and that everyone, from your guests to your overpaid vendors, show up on time. But no matter how many checklists you make or wedding message boards you read, there are a couple of important things that all brides need on their wedding day, no matter who you are, where you're getting married, or how much you've done to prepare so far. Here are the five things that all brides need packed, planned, and ready before they take their very first steps down the aisle.

1. Wedding Insurance

While most brides think wedding insurance is only for brides who think they may get a sudden case of cold feet, it's actually something that all brides should look into. Wedding insurance protects you if anything happens to the venue before your wedding and even sometimes if you need to move the wedding back a few months. Talk to your venue about this before signing the contract and research third party vendors that can provide you wedding insurance.

2. A Day-Of Person

Whether it's a day-of coordinator, a wedding planner, a personal assistant, or even a professional bridesmaid, you'll definitely want a "team captain" there by your side. This person will be your go-to person when challenges pop up or questions run through your mind. Sure, your friends can do this for you, but oftentimes they are too busy getting ready and having fun with you to take on the "dirty work".

3. A Fully Stocked Survival Kit

You can never pack enough items in your wedding day survival kit. You'll want to bring tissues, Advil, and Band-Aids, plus anything else you can get your hands on in the toiletry section of CVS.

4. A Rainy Day Back-Up Plan

Even if the weather looks like it will be nice and sunny or even if your wedding is totally indoors, have a wedding rainy day plan just in case. Make sure the venue is stocked with umbrellas, for when guests arrive, and even see if there's an area where guests can store rain jackets and umbrellas once they arrive.

5. A Second Dress

This doesn't need to be a second wedding dress, but it should be a change of clothes for once the wedding ends. Chances are, there will be an afterparty, and even if it's an unofficial one, you'll be eager to change out of your wedding dress and put on something more comfortable for the late-night rendezvous.

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