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Tim Burton Corpse Bride Wedding Ideas

This Tim Burton-Themed Wedding Included a Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Vintage Wedding Dress

Tim Burton Corpse Bride Wedding Ideas

Lydia and Ed met years ago while they were both DJs in the electronic music scene, and they hit it off immediately. The two never had a traditional relationship, so after Ed popped the question on their 10-year anniversary, a conventional wedding was out of the question. While planning for their 2018 big day, the couple decided to have a so-called "Hallo-wedding" and base their ceremony off the Tim Burton movie Corpse Bride. With help from their family home, which is situated on an idyllic lake in North Carolina, Lydia and Ed held their chilling (and charming) Halloween wedding in the comfort of their backyard. The soon-to-be bride requested dead and dried flowers for the bouquets and decided on a hauntingly beautiful dark purple and blue color scheme. The groom built the wedding's arbor by hand, while Lydia's stepmom and best friend decorated it with tea lights and butterflies. There was Halloween-themed music during the cocktail hour, spooky signature drinks served at the bar, and costumes worn by everyone in attendance.

Aside from the decor, there were many other details that made this Tim Burton-themed wedding a truly chilling celebration. Lydia's wedding dress was her mother's vintage dress from the '80s and was hand-airbrushed to match the style, color, and shading of the dress worn by Victoria in the movie. Ed's suit was specially made to mirror the era of clothing shown in Corpse Bride, and it matched the character's outfit to a T. Both the bride and groom had thorough makeup applied to their faces and bodies in order to match each of their character's skin tone and overall eerie effect, which made the day that much more enchanting.

This haunting wedding was full of frightfully festive decor and had a goosebump-worthy amount of love. Read ahead to see what a lively Corpse Bride wedding this really was, and just wait until you see the expression on the groom's face when his drop-dead-gorgeous bride walked down the aisle.

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