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Truffle Shuffle Polly Pocket Purse

Grown-Up '90s Girls: Get Your Polly Pocket On With This Nostalgic Purse

Calling all grown-up '90s kids! Your favorite childhood toy has officially become an adult-friendly fashion statement, in the form of UK brand Truffle Shuffle's new Polly Pocket purse. That's right, the iconic doll sets are back as a nostalgic crossbody handbag, and it will reportedly be available for worldwide sale starting on June 23!

The pink, heart-shaped purses draw inspiration from the iconic heart-shaped Polly Pocket setting and include prints of the classic doll figures on the lining. Now, excuse us while we drop $49 for one of these supercute nostalgic bags . . . don't judge us for treating ourselves in the name of the good ol' days!

Image Source: Truffle Shuffle
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