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What Is Disneybounding?

An Undercover Disney Princess Shares the Secrets of Disneybounding

Fashionable Disney fan Allison Erland, aka Lady Damfino, aka Snow White, invites us into the secret world of "Disneybounding," and we can't get enough. First off, what is Disneybounding? "The easiest way to think of it is an outfit influenced by a Disney character. Some people have more specific 'rules' or definitions but I say to each his own. You can definitely find more from the horse's mouth and loads of outfit examples on the Disneybound Tumblr," she said.

Allison is a pro at Disneybounding, and her vintage-inspired, handmade ensembles are equal parts glam and fun (not to mention great Halloween costume inspiration). See Allison's stylish Disney attire — from her Instagram account — and find out more from her about the trend now.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

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