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What Do Pregnancy Dreams Mean?

Whether you tend to remember your dreams or not, having a dream about being pregnant is pretty unforgettable. I'm sure you can relate to that panicky feeling, where you suddenly wake up and reach for your belly just to make sure. That kind of dream is so vivid that for a split second, you're not sure if it's real.

I've always wondered what those kinds of dreams mean. Is my body trying to tell me something? Am I really pregnant? Do I secretly want to be pregnant? Is someone I know pregnant? Does it have anything to do with pregnancy at all?

Actually, pregnancy dreams for women are pretty common, and they usually represent new beginnings, renewed connections with others, changes in your life or career, or something in the future you're looking forward to. Being pregnant in your dream is usually a positive thing and indicates that you're growing in your life or in a relationship. It can also be a symbol for how you're blossoming creatively or spiritually. If your overall feeling in the dream was of happiness and anticipation, then I'd try and think about what exciting or life-changing events are happening right now or that what you've been hoping will happen. If having a baby is something you're thinking about, your dream could definitely be about the actual baby. But if pregnancy is far from your mind, then most likely the baby in your dream is just a metaphor for something in your life that's new, exciting, different, or joyful.

Have you ever experienced a pregnancy dream?

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Eliane15224474 Eliane15224474 3 years
Last night I had my first dream about being pregnant. I must've been in like my second month of pregnancy, and the dream was rather stressful. I was running around, trying to protect my body from harm, accompanied by a man I like irl but am not together with. Him being there made me feel safe, altho some things happened in that dream that could've endangered me I felt safe because of his presence. I am not sure if I should see it as a good or a bad dream, it was new - that's for sure. And I woke up with mixed feelings, on one hand it was the first time I realised the difference it makes to be responsible for your body not for your own, but for someone else's sake. On the other hand I felt stressed and sort of... chased around.
KaylaRenee89 KaylaRenee89 3 years
I just had a pregnancy dream last night! I was about to give birth and was trying to get to the hospital. This explanation really makes sense! I am moving out of my current residence this weekend and will be moving into a new place with my boyfriend in a week. In the dream I was worried about the baby and felt like I was having painful contractions. In real life I am worried about moving in with my boyfriend and starting a whole new chapter in my life! Pretty neat that it all coincides!
katie17596 katie17596 3 years
Within two nights I had the same reoccurring dream although one of the dreams I was pregnant and the other I was having a baby. I have always seemed to have these kinds of dreams, but I never thought this one would mean as much as it did. A week or two later, I did a pregnancy test and I am 5 weeks pregnant, absolutely crazy! My sub conscious mind was trying to tell me.
Viviane14858950 Viviane14858950 4 years
I am pregnant. My brother had a dream about me surrounded with many naked baby boys. Does somebody have an explanation?
Samantha14794535 Samantha14794535 4 years
I had a dream that I was carrying 7 babies I got all the way till my waters broke then I woke up does 7 babies mean anything
Samantha14794535 Samantha14794535 4 years
I had a dream that I was carry
Amry14730491 Amry14730491 4 years
PMO when I have dreams about being and it feels so real, I can feel the baby move and everything. Skip past the labour part and I am holding my baby and it's the best thing ever. Then I wake up and realise it was just a dream and that sux lol
PCW PCW 4 years
Last night I dreamt of being heavily pregnant and regretting it so much. I was blaming myself for not using contraceptive and I really didn't want to be pregnant. I was filled with regret for being pregnant. What does this mean?
Jamie3250647 Jamie3250647 4 years
keep having dreams that im pregnant but they are really weird and i cant figure out wat they mean like one was of me being pregnant my sister jus had her baby and i was chasing a mouse (very confusing) and last night was of me being pregnant and going into labor with a lil girl at 5 or 6 months pregnant and ending up at childrens hospital im not quite understanding them
kaylaa310 kaylaa310 5 years
last night i had a pregnancy dream it was where i was pregnant and then i went into labor then after that  i woke up and now i cant get the dream out of my head could this mean that im pregnant please someone help me out here please email me with info or answers please i need some help!!!
Samantha3057208 Samantha3057208 5 years
for the last week i have been having dreams about finding out that im prego.... i have never had a prego dream in my life till now and its kinda scary cuz I'm just 18
greenshirt greenshirt 5 years
For a couple months now I've had about 10 dreams that I was pregnat all my dreams are pretty similar about what my baby looks like I only have boy babies , I only have these dreams when I'm in a relationship . When I was with my ex , in my dreams he was never there and when I had my baby people tried taking him away from me but I found him and kept him then woke up . Now that I'm with my current boyfriend I'm still baby daddyless in my dreams but I have so many friends and family supporting me and right there through the whole pregnacy right until the baby is born. In my last dream the baby looked diffrent he was very small with blue eyes. After I have the baby and right for him I usually wake up with a bad feeling and edgy but my last two dreams I just wake up happy but like I'm missing somthing like I'm surpposed to have the baby .. I don't know if my dreams mean more than looking forward to a new beggening and I want to know more about thesse dreams ..
Annonamis Annonamis 5 years
ok well i am 17 and for the last two weeks i have been having this weird dream that i am pregnant but last night it got worse i had a dream the the doctors and the physicians assistant came up to me and said catherine i am sorry but we have found out that you are pregnant they said that they missed this result in every test they did and then they did more blood work and found out i was pregnant this really scares me what does this mean  
malad175 malad175 5 years
Ok i have one. Any feedback on this would be appreciated. Almost a week ago, i dreamt i was pregnant. That wasnt bad but the creepy part of the dream was that when you pushed on one side of my stomach you could make out the babies face on the otherside. I mean like the nose the chin everything. It was kinda creepy. Then today i was asked if i was pregnant by a woman because she had heard that i was. And unless by some serious miracle i am since i had a partial hysterectomy then i have no idea what this all means. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
TeenMommy13th TeenMommy13th 5 years
b4 i knew iwas preqnant ihad dream about me shopping for Paternity clothes and the nest week i found out iwas preqo! now rescently ihad dreams about me lookin at my ultra sound and my 6 month old son rubbin my belly nd im sayn look aj yur bby sister in my belly. im jus a little nervous cuz ihave been feelinq sick like im pregnant but im gone wait a week to take the test
me and my partner r trying for a baby and i keep having dreams that ive had a baby and forgot about it or i have a baby and it turns into an animal or i havnt realised im already pregnant untill im heavly pregnant what can this mean can u help
RaineGodess RaineGodess 6 years
I had a dream last night that me and my new guy friend of only a few months found out I was 6 days pregnant...I am 37 and he is 39 and no we dont talk about babies nor we dont want any, what is the significance of the dream? and the 6 days time frame what does it mean?
tgm87 tgm87 6 years
I had a dream that I was pregnant. Seemed so real. So when I woke up, I realized I wasnt even late yet. Waited a week...nothing ever came. So, me and my boyfriend went to the store, got a test....positive. I was pregnant! :) My mom and aunt had a dream i was too even before I told them. We've just always had stong family connections I guess.
1256138 1256138 6 years
I have dreamt about it just last night...
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