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Woman Spends Week in KFC After Breakup

Woman Gets Dumped, Spends an Entire Week in KFC to Cope

Everybody needs a little KFC, am I right? A lovesick 26-year-old woman sought comfort in fried food at KFC after breaking up with her boyfriend (we've all been there, girl!). The next step of the grieving process usually involves ice cream, sad movies, and sometimes a bottle or two of wine, but Tan Shen, from China's southwest Sichuan Province, couldn't seem to pry herself away from the fast-food joint when the time came to call it a night.

Tan went to the restaurant to get some greasy grub and perhaps do some well-deserved wallowing, and sat in her spot for a week because she said needed "time to think" and didn't want to return home to the empty apartment she once shared with her boyfriend. The employees at the 24-hour KFC noticed her continued presence, but, despite thinking it a little odd, continued to serve her throughout her seven-day stay — after making sure that she was OK. Tan called in sick to work, then sat in contemplation while eating chicken and fries for a week (OK, this actually doesn't sound so bad). She finally left once the media showed up — or because she was ready for a change in scenery and lunch options.

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