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Women Tweet About Periods to Donald Trump

Twitter Is Bloody PISSED About Donald Trump's Period Comments

When Donald Trump blamed GOP debate moderator Megyn Kelly's attitude on "blood coming out of her wherever," he messed with the wrong person. Or, more specifically, 53 percent of people. The female Fox News anchor, who called Trump out during the debate for his history of referring to women as "pigs" and "disgusting animals," decided not to comment on the Republican presidential candidate's remarks . . . but that's OK, because Twitter is doing it for her.

Using #PeriodsAreNotAnInsult, women (and even a few men!) have been bombarding Trump's Twitter with period-related commentary. Ranging from updates about their own menstrual cycles to photos of Trump with feminine pads edited onto his combover, the hashtag is quite frankly the best thing to result from the entrepreneur-turned-politician's entire presidential campaign. Take a look at our favorite tweets, then easily send out your own #PeriodsAreNotAnInsult tweet with this aptly named website! And don't forget: periods are natural, not an insult.

Image Source: Fox
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