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What It's Like Having a Birthday on Christmas

12 Struggles (and 1 Perk) of Having Your Birthday on Christmas

What It's Like Having a Birthday on Christmas
Image Source: Everett Collection

I was born on Christmas. In one of my family photo albums, you'll find a picture of me only a few days old, wrapped in a red blanket, a bow on my head, tucked gently under our family Christmas tree. I'm sure every other Christmas baby out there has a similar image stashed somewhere in their family's archives.

Being born on Christmas — as you may have guessed — can be pretty sucky. Unless your parents were incredibly mindful to make sure you had twice the gifts and twice the cake (like mine — thanks, Mom!), having a Christmas birthday does not come without its struggles. We explore 12 of them here, plus one perk, because it's not all bad being a Christmas baby.

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