You'll Love This Simpsons Collection More Than Homer Loves Doughtnuts

Your favorite cartoon family is now in the spotlight thanks to ASOS's new Simpsons-themed collection. The online retailer just released a colorful line of clothing and accessories that pays homage to the Springfield fivesome, and it's sure to transport you straight back to those days of begging your parents to let you watch The Simpsons after school instead of doing your homework.

The Simpsons x ASOS collection features more than 30 pieces for men and women (plus a few unisex choices and extended sizes, too!), with budget-friendly prices ranging from $10 to $70. Standout items include a Kwik-E-Mart bucket hat, Patty and Selma Bouvier denim shorts, and overalls with yellow straps that feature the Simpson family members' distinctive eyes. Oh, and there's also not one but two t-shirts with an image of Homer Simpson sinking into the bushes, so you can basically be a walking meme.

Read on to take a look at some of the fun items in all their nostalgia-filled glory, and shop your favorite items on In the famous words of Bart Simpson, "Ay, caramba," this collection is too good for words.