23 Reasons a Long-Distance Relationship Is Actually Awesome

If you are convinced that long-distance relationships never work, it is time to think again. We've all had the friend who spends 24/7 crying into the phone, trying to stay connected to their cross-continental lover, but let's be real: there's no reason a long-distance relationship has to be so dramatic.

I recently moved across the country from San Francisco to New York, and my four-year relationship was suddenly up in the air. How do two people stay together when they are apart indefinitely? It's a question I've toyed with for a while now, and while I may not have the final answer, there are certain parts of being in a long-distance relationship that I have come to appreciate (or even love) during our time apart.

While I definitely miss coming home to my best friend every day, I can honestly say that being so far apart has both strengthened our relationship and helped us to learn more about ourselves as individuals. Here are a few of the long-distance perks that I have come to appreciate over the past six months:

  1. Since your time together is limited, all those fun activities that were filed away on your to-do list actually get done.
  2. You can still have a single girl's social life, which means more time for SATC marathons and fancy drinks with your friends.
  3. When you are together, you can do absolutely nothing and it still feels extraspecial.
  4. Living in different places means that you have a great excuse to travel to new "halfway point" destinations.
  5. Saying goodbye is so hard, but saying hello again feels like Christmas came early.
  6. Date nights are always a special occasion.
  7. You can cry to your significant other without getting makeup all over their shirt.
  8. There is something extraspecial about finding a real-life love letter in your mailbox.
  9. Three words: frequent flyer miles.
  10. You learn to be a better listener and communicator since your interactions are limited to over the phone and on your computer.
  11. Go ahead, don't shave your legs, no one will notice.
  12. Since it's hard to get physical from so far away, you focus on strengthening other important parts of what makes your relationship special.
  13. Being apart makes it easier to take a step back and offer advice from a neutral standpoint.
  14. You end up saving a lot of money on groceries.
  15. Though they may be far away, you know that your significant other still has your back and is there to support you, no matter what.
  16. Watching the same show across the country becomes a creative long-distance date that's actually fun.
  17. You can roll up in your covers burrito-style, and no one can stop you.
  18. You can embrace your independence while still knowing there is someone really special who wants what is best for you.
  19. You can watch the TV shows they hate all the time, with the volume on high.
  20. Though there are tough moments being so far away, getting through them strengthens your relationship in the long run.
  21. When you get together again, you relearn the habits and quirks that you love about them.
  22. You grow to deeply trust your significant other since you spend so much time apart.
  23. It's a nice feeling to have your phone ring every night and know that someone who loves you is on the other end.