8 Benefits of Being Single at a Wedding in Your 20s

Going solo to a wedding can seem like a daunting situation, especially when all of your friends are bringing their hubbies or a someone special as a plus-one. You may psych yourself out before you get to the wedding, thinking that you'll just spend the whole night as a third wheel or a stage-five clinger to your coupled-up friends. But going single to a wedding has its benefits, too.

For starters, you have your freedom. At an event with an open bar, delicious food, and an all-night dance floor, you have the power to decide where you want to be and what you want to drink, eat, and do throughout the night. Plus, weddings are filled with tons of people you don't know, so going alone means you never know who you'll meet.

But if you're still not convinced that going solo to a wedding in your 20s is a win-win situation, here are eight benefits of being single when your friends are saying "I do."

1. You Don't Have to Babysit a Plus-One

When you bring someone with you to a wedding, whether it's your significant other or just a friend, you'll be with him or her for most of the night, especially if they don't know anybody else there. When you go alone, you are free to do what you want and go where you please.

2. You Can Spend as Much Time as You Want on the Dance Floor

Bust out those moves of yours that you save for Saturday nights out with your gal pals and take over the wedding dance floor. You won't have anyone nagging you to sit down because their feet hurt or they don't like a certain song.

3. You May Meet a Groomsman Who Catches Your Eye

Going solo to a wedding means you have dibs on any single groomsman or party guests who catch your eye. So keep a lookout and ask the bride and groom beforehand if they have any single friends going to the wedding that you should meet.

4. You'll Save a Couple of Dollars

When you bring someone with you to a wedding, you'll also need to bring a much larger gift. Going alone means giving a gift just on your own behalf.

5. You Can Ask For Seconds

Have as many pieces of cake or filet as you like. Nobody will judge you. Not even the polyester dress you're wearing.

6. You Can Mingle With Everyone and Anyone

Work the room and talk to everyone there. You won't have anyone giving you the stink eye from across the room because you're flirting with a guy or even just lost in conversation with the bride's family members.

7. You Don't Have to Feel Tied to the Table

You can spend the night up and at 'em without anyone asking you to stay local with them at the table because they don't like to dance or they don't like to socialize and meet new people. Drop your purse and your shoes at the table and then spend the rest of the wedding walking around and having fun.

8. You Can Make Up Fun Answers to Why You're Single

When people start to ask you the dreaded question of Why are you still single? you can go ahead and make up any answer that you want. Have fun with it! Say it's because you just got back from a trip to Mars or your Prince Charming is somewhere on Tinder and you believe you're 50 swipes away from finding him.