22 Benefits of Living With Your Significant Other

Some people say that living together before marriage leads to failed relationships or divorce down the line, and others think that it should be a kind of audition or test run for marriage.

I think both of these are way off! When you move in together for the right reasons — love, commitment to each other, or simply because you like being together all the time — then there are plenty of perks to sharing a place. I have been living with my boyfriend for years and can't imagine going back! Here's a list of some of the best parts of living with your significant other.

  1. You have a roommate, best friend, and partner to come home to every night — all in one person.
  2. It's easier to cook for two than for one.
  3. Someone is there to bring you flowers and the toilet paper when you run out.
  4. Rent is cheaper if you're splitting a room. This either means you get to save money or upgrade to a nicer apartment while paying the same price — both good things!
  5. You get to learn fun, intimate details that you may not have otherwise. Who knew they liked their socks folded that way?
  6. You learn how to fight fair. You don't have the luxury of storming out and going home — you're already there. This means you have to really work it out and communicate; otherwise things will be pretty uncomfortable in that little apartment.
  7. Division of labor! Cat puked again? It's his turn to clean it. Trash day? One can grab recycling, and the other can get the garbage so it's done in one trip.
  8. Both of you save on bills.
  9. You get to spend more time together, with less effort. No commute required!
  10. Feel like bingeing on Netflix instead of going out? You have a partner in crime who won't judge — they'll join.
  11. You never have to go through the process of deciding whose turn it is to stay over where.
  12. You become a more conscious roommate because you love who you're living with.
  13. You learn the good, the bad, and the ugly, and you get to decide if this person is someone you can really see yourself being with in the long run.
  14. A good balance is built. He may have started out as a huge slob and you may be a type A neat freak, but (in theory) you have to learn to meet in the middle. This kind of compromise is valuable in all aspects of your relationship.
  15. You rarely have to deal with phone calls, texting, or other forms of communication because you typically know where they are and what they're doing.
  16. Back rubs. Foot rubs. Head rubs. Any time of day.
  17. Living together is a big sign of commitment to the relationship.
  18. You can decorate the house together and have fun mixing and matching your different tastes. Added bonus: you split the cost of household decor.
  19. Grocery trips together are more fun and less expensive.
  20. You can downsize when you move in together — keep the things you need, and get rid of or sell the junk you don't.
  21. Someone is there with a spare key when you lock yourself out.
  22. You get to make a house a home with the person you love.