Why First 3 Months of Dating Are Always the Best

Don't get me wrong: it's awesome being in a long-term relationship where you're utterly comfortable and emotionally intimate, blah, blah, blah. But pretty much everyone I've talked to agrees that the first three months are always the most exciting; everything is new, and anything seems possible.

In fact, the first three months can be deceptive. I tend to idealize everything and become completely convinced that someone is the love of my life, only to realize after three months that they are utterly wrong for me. But that's another reason that the first three months are the best: it's always fun, no matter how it all turns out. If at the end of three months it's all over, no big whoop; it was just three (fun) months of your life, and now you have a better understanding of what you don't want in a relationship. Thus, this celebration of why the first three months are the absolute best.

  • You can't keep your hands off each other.
  • The sex is awesome.
  • You want to keep talking for hours on end.
  • In fact, you can never decide whether to talk or screw, and that's a great problem to have.
  • You're spontaneous. It is perfectly normal to sleep in until 2 p.m. then go drink piña coladas, or to eat at a diner at 2 a.m. because you were too busy gettin' busy to leave the house earlier.
  • You don't want to hang out with anyone else, and your friends and family give you a pass for abandoning them. Because everyone knows about those first three months.
  • You're kind of obnoxious, but you don't really care. You feel completely justified making out in a cab or sitting on the same side of the booth at dinner.
  • Everything feels new. You will introduce and be introduced to new music, books, movies, philosophies, restaurants, neighborhoods, and all sorts of other exciting things.
  • You're past the awkwardness of the first few dates, so you can really be yourselves, yet you aren't sick of each other yet.
  • It's like being high — literally. The endorphins released during sex can lift your mood, and the effects of dopamine, associated with romantic love and lust, have been compared to those of cocaine.
  • Anything feels possible. You find yourself imagining the kind of life you could have with this person. Even if the relationship ends, you've expanded your perspective on life.