How This Bride's Grandfather Officiated Her Wedding — After He Passed Away

When Brittany Adkins and Jordon Yost were planning their outdoor wedding, the bride knew that her nuptials were going to be different than her sister's ceremony. This is because their beloved "Papaw" had officiated Summer's wedding, but he had unfortunately passed away before Brittany and Jordon could say "I do."

The West Virginia couple decided to honor his memory by incorporating family throughout the affair in meaningful ways. Brittany's grandmothers served as their flower "ladies," his grandfather was their ring bearer, and they reserved two seats near the altar with photos of their late grandparents who were attending in spirit.

However, Brittany's siblings planned a surprise for the middle of her ceremony that left the bride overcome with emotion. "Before we were to water a Japanese maple tree for our unity ceremony, the preacher stepped aside to pray, and a familiar voice came across the speaker," Brittany told POPSUGAR. "It was my late grandfather's voice, and I couldn't but tried to hold it together — thankfully I had waterproof mascara on!"

Brittany's sister, brother, and groom came up with the idea of taking a recording from her sister's wedding in 2015 and playing the prayer he said over the newlyweds again. "Hearing his voice was the best surprise because it was always my dream to have him officiate my wedding and knowing Summer, Jared, and Jordon made this happen was so special," she said. "The amount of love, sadness, and joy that filled my heart was overflowing and indescribable. I had chills and my knees were weak, but I tried to listen to every word."

Although Brittany had planned an unplugged wedding, she's grateful for the surprise technology that was incorporated. "When my Papaw pronounced us husband and wife, I couldn't move. No one moved," she said. "It's like my feet were stuck to the ground and I couldn't stop crying, but to hear those words meant the world to me. All thanks to technology, my dream came true, and I am forever grateful to have shared that moment with my husband, family, guests, and with my late grandfather."