Bumble Is No Longer Tolerating Body Shamers: "If You're Not Interested, You Can Swipe Left"

Bumble has long been a favorite of many in the dating world for its dedication to empowering its female users to initiate conversations with romantic prospects and maintaining a safe environment for women. It's now taking this commitment a step further by explicitly banning any talk of body shaming on the app, according to a Bumble blog post. The app will not tolerate any "unsolicited and derogatory comments made about someone's appearance, body shape, size, or health" as well as "language that can be deemed fat-phobic, ableist, racist, colorist, homophobic, or transphobic." ICYMI, Bumble also does not allow photos with guns and shirtless and underwear mirror selfies.

While any form of mocking someone's physical appearance is unacceptable, if you're not sure whether a message will come across as body shaming, "simply don't comment on someone's body or health at all," Bumble says. The blog post continued, "Find something else about their profile to talk about. Or, if you're not interested in someone, you can swipe left." Sounds easy enough!

If you're wondering how Bumble will hold its users accountable, those who use body shaming language in their profile bios or through the chat function will first receive a warning. A particularly harmful comment or repeated incidents will lead to a full ban from the platform. If you receive any inappropriate comments yourself, you can report the offender using the "report" tool. Dating apps can often feel unsafe, and this type of regulation is a strong step towards making the dating community a more positive space for everyone.